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Es ist schon wieder Sonntag gewesen. Und ich habs VERPENNT!!

Ich bin ein schlechter Flauschmail-Gründer *heul*.

Und statt euch was richtig Tolles als Entschuldigung anzubieten, hier nur ein Winzbeitrag in ziemlich moodiger Vorweihnachtsstimmung.

(Aber wieso(??) bin ich auch immer die Einzige, die an das hier denkt... es könnten ja auch andere mal ihren Senf hierzugeben...)


Autor: Psoimel
Fandom: /
Challenge: #3 Waiting...


Time before Christmas

1. Waiting... 24 days for Christmas.

2. Waiting... for inspiration to kick in each evening because you're trying to write your little sister an advent calendar.

3. Waiting... for the yummie little package with homemade cookies from your mom.

4. Waiting... for snow. Lots of snow. *hopefull peek out of window*

5. Waiting... 23 f*cking minutes in the cold for the next train back home from university.

6. Waiting... for a day off so you can reclaim all the sleep you lost.

7. Waiting... for Azureus to finally be finished downloading your favourite anime.

8. Waiting... for your little sister to do you a huge favour and write a challenge.

9. Waiting... for the last few days in university to be over so you can drive home.

10. Waiting... to see your family again.

11. Waiting... for your best friend to finally ditch this annoying stupid jerk and sorry excuse for a boyfriend.

12. Waiting... for somebody to move in the empty room across the hall.

13. Waiting... for a sign from two of your friends who went to Japan for half a year (they promised to write!!).

14. Waiting... for the radio station to play your favourite song again.

15. Waiting... for your friends to hurry up because you're starving and want to get to the cafeteria.

16. Waiting... 19 f*cking minutes in the cold - this time for the bus from university to the train station.

17. Waiting... for a time when you'll open the fridge and actually find everything you need for breakfast.

18. Waiting... for thursday, because you only see another good friend on thursdays as he is studying something slightly different than you now.

19. Waiting... desperately for a huge bunch of money to fall from the sky.

20. Waiting... for your silly depressive mood swings to end.

21. Waiting... in the queue in the last open shop on Christmas Eve. (You never get presents before then. That's boring.)

22. Waiting... for the coffee mashine to be finished so you can warm up from the cold outside.

23. Waiting... in the hall for the sound of the bell announcing that you're allowed to enter the living room with the christmas tree and sing a few carols and unpack the presents and have a delicious dinner and a wonderful time.

24. Waiting... 24 days for Christmas.

17.12.07 21:35

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